The Mallory Bros Podcast

Episode 111 | ”Jean Jacket”

July 29, 2022

On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast the bros start with a recap of a very busy weekend. They detail their wedding experience and talk some of the things they'd want at their own wedding. They then talk about their Sunday Brunch experience in DC and Terrell gives his story of his time calling Earl. The fellas did their due diligence and went to see Jordan Peele's "NOPE" so they give their reviews of the film. This leads to the most random heated debate about the comparison of Keke Palmer and Zendaya. Random AF. But the guys then speak to the "Wakanda Forever" Trailer, and the "Till" Trailer that released. They revisit their conversation about Black Trauma Porn. They talk friend groups, sports, and have movie suggestions of the Week!

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