The Mallory Bros Podcast

Episode 113 | ”. . . Pause”

August 12, 2022

On this episode of the MalloryBros. Podcast, Terrance started with a conversation about his recent interesting trip to the dentist. They then talk about the new "attention span" and how people receive content and information today as it compares to 20 years ago. Terrance starts an introspective conversation about homophobia and how its weaponized. This leads to a discussion about the use of the word "Pause". Terrell gives Beyoncè flowers for her 7th #1 studio album in a row. Terrance speaks to the concept of friends and business. They talk about 21 Savage's controversial comments about Atlanta, and talk hypocrisy in Hiphop. They argue about the drama between The Rock and Meg the Stallion's boyfriend Pardi and talk about disrespect and how to handle it. Terrance asks a question about Ancestors and the future. They give movie suggestions of the week, talk sports, and Terrance gives Serena her flowers in celebration of her retirement. 

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