The Mallory Bros Podcast

Episode 115 | ”Box Office Baby”

August 26, 2022

On this episode of the MalloryBros. Podcast, the fellas start with Terrance's random Chipotle experience. Terrance then starts a conversation about plastic surgery. Specifically, penis enlargements. They then talk about HBO's "House of Dragon" and give thoughts on the return of one of the best TV universes of all time. This leads to a conversation about Matt Damon's comments on the film industry and why movies are made the way they are. Terrance gives thoughts on Tyler Perry, and in the same conversation about the industry, they discuss what Tyler had to say about the struggle to get films greenlit vs your catalog. The fellas then speak on the most viral controversy of the last week which is the therapist that was fired for her comments on Black men. The fellas give thoughts on the situation and talk double standards and hypocrisy among men and women. They give movie suggestions of the week and more! 

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