The Mallory Bros Podcast

Episode 117 | ”Me, Myself, & I Meannn…”

September 9, 2022

On this episode of the MalloryBros. Podcast, Terrance starts with a story about how he was harassed at the McDonalds. He then challenges Terrell on a question about Beyoncè compared to some other vocal legends. The fellas talk "Back To School" and give game on taking the college level serious, the money conversation, and choosing your passion. They then swing the conversation to talking to women, how to move at parties, and being confident. This leads to an interesting conversation about "Individuality" and they both share stories from childhood to now about how, as twins, they had to love themselves as individuals and the challenges they faced doing so. They do some of Terrances hypotheticals and Terrance delivers an informative Tech Corna! With the return of the American Football Season, the guys bring the energy to welcome back the NFL Picks! 

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