The Mallory Bros Podcast

Episode 75 | ”Grindin‘ Badges”

November 19, 2021

On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros start with a conversation about movie theater etiquette, specifically when on a date. They talk sex scenes in movies, youth and job retention, and spending your time wiser. Unfortunately the news of Young Dolph's untimely death happened right in the middle of the podcast. The Bros. took time to share some immediate thoughts and show some love to the fallen Memphis legend. Solid Tech Corner This Week! They also speak on Ridley Scott's harsh comments on Superhero films and Terrell doesn't hold back. Lastly, the Bros. discuss the comments made by Ari Fletcher about Men and Gaming. Terrance lead the Man Time Conversation that lead to debate. Tune in and pick a side! 

Oh Yeah, Of course NFL Picks. 

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